Brescia 26 th -27 th May 2022

Awards and publications

Starting in 2019, on the occasion of the 20th edition of the Workshop of Scholars and Teachers of
Business Organization (WOA), the puntOorg-ASSIOA award was established. The prize is
awarded every year by a committee to which the winner/s of the previous edition belong by right
and that is even the group of guest editors of a thematic Issue of piJ linked to the Conference. The
next prize-giving ceremony is scheduled for WOA 2022 (Brescia, 26 and 27 May) and will be held at
the University of Brescia. The best paper will be selected among the contributions submitted to the
Workshop and to the author/s will be recognised an amount of € 500,00 as paper awarded. The
Committee of the puntOorg-ASSIOA Award 2022 is composed by:

Enrico Cori – Polytechnic University of Marche
Gazi Islam – Grenoble École de Management
Daria Sarti – University of Florence
Teresina Torre – University of Genoa
Beliz Ulgen – Istanbul Commerce University



The special issue welcomes both qualitative and quantitative theory-driven studies, as well as conceptual articles. Essays and narrative illustration of cases that depart from the traditional shape and structure of scientific articles will also be taken into consideration, as far as they are guided by theoretical insights and puzzles. Also consider the possibility to contact one of the members of the guest editorial team in advance to discuss your paper proposal for the special issue. The deadline for the submission of the full paper (in English) is 30 September 2022. Papers will go through the standard review process of the journal and should be 8,000 words (maximum) in length, including abstract, tables, figures and reference section. For more detailed information, please visit the journal’s submission center (click on the upper left corner of the page to turn it to English) and the Editorial guidelines 

Call for Paper – Organizational democracy – Studi Organizzativi

Humans and technology in managing the unexpected

.Call for Paper – Special Issue


Angelo Gasparre, Alberto Monti, Marco Zamarian

The aim of this Special Issue is to consolidate and further develop ongoing efforts to advance current understandings of the role of humans and technology in managing the unexpected. The intention is for the Special Issue to be as broad as possible, considering the several developments that the discourse can take up. Therefore, we welcome both conceptual and empirical contributions. Authors interested in submitting a paper to the Special Issue are encouraged to approach the topic of Humans and technology in managing the unexpected by focusing on (the list is indicative):

  • The healthcare sector;
  • SMEs/ Family firms;
  • Public sphere;
  • Learning processes;
  • Education and training;
  • Remote and agile working arrangements;
  • Collaborative spaces / Coworking / Teamworking;
  • Crowdsourcing / Co-design / Co-creation;
  • Wellbeing / Stress / Technostress / Great resignation;
  • Data/ Digital data ecosystems;
  • Digital job crafting;
  • Cyberattacks / Cyber-resilience;
  • Culture and multiculturalism;
  • Issues of Diversity / Gender / Disability / Racism;
  • Paradoxes / between efficiency and resilience;
  • Tensions between routine and mindfulness.

Rigorous theoretical and empirical research, both qualitative and quantitative, that are relevant to organizational settings is called for. The aim is to deepen and expand the scientific conversation on the topic. The Call for paper is open to both papers accepted for presentation at WOA 2022 and contributions not previously submitted to the conference. The deadline for the full paper submission is October 16th, 2022. The review process will be performed according to the journal rules. The expected publication date is December 2022.

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